TOS violation because serving video from R2

After serving videos from R2 with my custom domain for a while my domain got restricted and I got the following message when accessing .mp4 files

This video has been restricted . Streaming video from Cloudflare’s basic service is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please visit to learn more.”

I learned that serving video from R2 is allowed, so what should I do now?. Right now I’m temporarily serving videos from the public domain, but maybe it has some limitations.

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You are correct. That should not be happening.

Can you open a ticket from your dashboard using Technical - Other Products > Workers > R2 and share the ticket number here?

Hi, thank you for your reply, now I can’t create a ticket because my account is Free Plan

Hello, i created Account ticket
ticket number: 2730902

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I will update you from the ticket and will be getting this removed.


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Thanks for your patience. We already provided update through the ticket number above.

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