TOS and Cloudflare CDN

Hello, I’m currently building a web app and one of the modules allow employees to upload as much files as they want just like a ‘Dropbox’ and these files will be stored in AWS S3, anyway its a SaaS, so it could grow hugely in the future.

Taking into account I already use Cloudflare for DNS and I’m currently proxing my whole domain:

  • Would it be possible to create a subdomain that points to the AWS S3 address? Would this break any TOS? Ex:

  • Would it cause any trouble if I decide to host the web app in an S3 bucket as well?

I’m also planning to build a mobile app that is heavy on images and videos (Similar to an instagram) and it would be accessing the images through the address.

I’m currently using the free-tier, but I don’t know if these issues or limitations can be overcome with other tiers.

I’d greatly appreciate some guidance/help on this subject

Using Cloudflare to serve files from S3 is not against ToS, but serving large amounts of non-HTML content is. Therefore I would recommend unproxying the subdomain used for serving files from S3.

Hosting and serving the web app from S3 is no problem as that will primarily be HTML and other small static files.


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