TOS 2.8 clarification


I am currently looking for a CDN for distributing large non-html files (pictures, zip files etc) for a site I’m building, which would be a violation of the Self-Serve Subscription Agreement.

If I do go for Cloudflare, I firstly don’t want to skirt the rules and get by just because I don’t handle much traffic, but I also want to have the confidence that regardless of my traffic I can rely on Cloudflare not suspending my service in the long term.

As far as I can see, the only way around this is to negotiate these terms when purchasing an enterprise license. That being said, while the prices aren’t public, an enterprise license is likely going to be too expensive for me and I’m assuming doesn’t suit smaller hobby websites.

So I guess my question is is this use case supported at all, and if it is, is there a cost-effective plan (which would support this) for small customers?

That’s a reasonable concern, as if you begin to hit big numbers, you’ll draw attention to that issue.

They start at roughly $5k/month.

Cloudflare really isn’t a CDN. It seems like one because it caches static content, but you really should get a dedicated CDN for what you’re trying to do.

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Thanks sdayman. I suspected as much.

It’s a shame they don’t have plans which allow for this use case, but I suspect adding something like that would create exponentially more load and probably isn’t worth it to them for non-enterprise customers…

I will look for an alternative for my non-website content.

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