Tor Traffic blocking?

Is there anyway to block all Tor traffice?



Thank you for asking.

If you are using a Cloudflare and a proxied :orange: DNS hostname (, …), it could be achieved by creating a Firewall Rule at Cloudflare Dashboard with which you can block all TOR requests to your domain/Website.

Kindly, may I point you to the step-by-step instruction from link below how to manage Firewall Rules at Cloudflare dashboard (the referenced link includes pictures for better understanding, navigation and help):

Example of the Firewall Rule to block TOR requests/traffic to your Website in picture:

  1. Country equals Tor, action “Block”, then hit the “Save” button

Firewall Rule Expression:
( eq "T1")

NOTE: Make sure the rule ist the 1st from above on the Firewall Rules list.

If you are using a higher Paid plan like Enterprise, you could block TOR using the Tools → IP Access Rules and entering the country “TOR” with the action “block” for your website.

Furthermore, since Tor IPs keep changing, blocking Tor might not be guaranteed to work 100%.

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Thank you very much! Appreciate the help.

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