Мой сервер недоступен из некоторых стран

My server is unavailable from some countries:

Kazakhstan, Karaganda
Server error
0.405 seconds
503 (Service Unavailable)

Moldova, Chisinau
Server error
0.422 seconds
503 (Service Unavailable)

USA, New Jersey
Server error
0.583 seconds
503 (Service Unavailable)

Cloudflare - provides us with a server in Colombia (CO)/
IP address
Region Antioquia
City of Medellín


I did a quick search :search: for error 503 #CommunityTip, Search results for 'error 503 #CommunityTip ' - Cloudflare Community and found the 503 CommunityTip.

I have similar problem too, but I didn’t have HTTP response, only “Connection refused”.
Some providers from Kazakhstan, Russia (in different cities). But works from Germany, France (where I have servers).

IP address from CF Proxy:

Some IP’s from 188.114.. still not working from some regions

Reproduced for another clients domains, e.g.:
jsonformatter.org (
arnebrachhold.de (

Same reports today from Russian and Ukrainian users.
http://**.ru/cdn-cgi/trace - ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome or infinite loading.
http://cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace - works fine.

Proxy is enabled for this domain (orange cloud). Same problem for other domain in account: NS fiona.ns.cloudflare.com, ray.ns.cloudflare.com

I cannot personally reproduce this issue, but have many complains from users.


Now seems fixed

Yes, worked for 1-2 hour and broken again now.

Many complains from users, any comments from support?
Probably we should provide specifiс info to debug issue?

Similar problem too from Russia - ip

I also have de accessible all sites from this network

And some strange servers are given back in Colombia, how can I change them to normal ones? It’s also not clear, I have users furiously complaining, I have received more than 15,000 complaints from users. I had to disable Cloudflare completely for this time :frowning: , we think to switch to another StormWall protection provider.

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