Top level wildcard returned for subdomain txt

Not sure if this is a bug or expected behaviour.

I have a domain with a record *, and have set a txt record at

When I do a dig for this txt record I get the txt record at the domain apex which is a cloudflare SSL record (ca3-xx…xx).

Surely the more specific record should win?


That does seem to be the case.

I assume you simply experienced the issue at

Well maybe, but when I added a dummy record at it resolved the txt correctly

I;ll remove the dummies and test again today.

Yes it works correctly now.

Good, well that was confusing, though I do wonder why my ‘fix’ worked the other day - and consistently too - i tried with a couple of subdoms and experienced the same behaviour - it broke when the dummy was removed too so it wasn’t like it was just a delay!

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