Top Case Studies of 2020

Here are some of the top stories from 2020:

  • Shopify uses Cloudflare to power more than 1M websites
  • Panasonic Europe uses WAF and Workers to enhance security and provide visibility through a single pane of glass
  • Wikimedia used Magic Transit to overcome a massive DDoS Attack
  • Naranja, Argentina’s largest credit card issuer, saw a 30% improvement in load times with Argo Smart Routing
  • Sony Music Japan needed security in multi-cloud and hybrid environments without getting locked into a single cloud vendor
  • Canva powers global expansion for 35 million customers with Access, Workers, and Bot Management
  • INSEAD reduced dependencies on VPN with the implementation of Access
  • Godwin Heights Public School District relies on Magic Transit to protect students’ education
  • Neto, “Australia’s Shopify”, mitigates 16,000 cyberattacks per day with WAF and Bot Management
  • Mozilla partnered with Cloudflare to develop the next generation of security and privacy technology.

…And there are many, many more stories from 2020!

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