Too slow file transfer over Argo TCP tunnel


I established an Argo TCP tunnel, but I suffer from a too slow file transfer over it, I just transfer 13MB file, it took 1:30 min.
Kindly how to fix such an issue, normally it takes couple of seconds with another connection mechanism.


Are you still encountering this issue @ayman.hendawy? Can you share the domain?

Hi, yes I’m still facing this issue, and it turns out that this issue is not only with the TCP tunnel, I created a ssh tunnel using Argo tunnel ssh access, and still suffer from the slow file transfer.
To be more precise, I’m working with an Eclipse based IDE, and using what’s called Linux “TCF” target communication framework for debugging, the TCF needs to download a .elf file in order to start the debug session, so I tunneled the remote target IP:portno. to my local machine localhost:1920, and start the debug session, sometimes the IDE would takes more than 3min to transfer the .elf file to the remote target.
As I told earlier, the .elf file is just 13MB, transferring this file over teamviewer would take seconds, not that too long.

Domain name: