Too much slow website

I am facing too much performance degradation from couple months. Finally I added new domain without Cloudflare proxy enabled and website is working perfect.

Without Cloudflare website reponse is 250ms to 350ms
With Cloudflare website response very from 650ms to 1800ms (huge difference)

I am using Cloudflare Pro for all my websites. I am also using Loadbalancer and Web Application Firewall.

Kindly confirm how to fix this issue and if there is any specific service that is causing this issue.



Can you send a report with CF proxy enabled and another with it paused/turned off? only works with HTML pages. Sorry to mention earlier I am using node js APIs
And API response is really slow using CF. can you please mention if there is any other tool I can use and share metrix.

You have to understand that CloudFlare is now sitting between your Requests and your origin Server as a reverse Proxy.
This means every request (which is not getting served by CFs Cache) have to do one more RoundTrip then normaly. Usually this adds about 10ms to the TTFB of each not cached request.

As you did not provided any real informations we can check I can not help you here.
Feel free to tell us which Domain it is about and maybe provide another subdomain (without CloudFlare :grey:) which points to the same API. So we can do some tests from our end with and without Cloudflare.

If the problem would be CloudFlare in general you would have this high latencies on ALL if your applications/websites.

After you have provided these infos we can look into it and analyse it. If these informations are confidential and you can not share them please open a support ticket and include these infos in the ticket.
If you create a ticket please share the TicketID here.

Thank you for your reply.

I have setup a testing node API. This is simple API with only Hello world. (No calculation or any db connectivity)

Both Links are pointed to same server and same API with different nginx virtual host. (call it 20 to 30 times and average time is around 600ms to 1600ms) (Call it 100 times response time will be between 150ms to 180ms)

Can you please guide me what this problem is.

I’m getting about 25-40ms at my side

Can you see my result. Without cloudflare its many requests took more than 1250ms and without cloudflare very consistent result.

I am in Lahore, Pakistan and I have most of client in Asia region. (Indian, Pakistan, UAE) if that matters.

Kindly help to resolve as I am working on real time apps and my website is suffering due to slow response and clients are complaining alot.

Can you please confirm if there is any solution to this issue?

I would advise in that case to move your webserver to that region. Looking at the response time I’m getting, it seems like it’s currently located in Europe.

What I would also check is if the loc at shows a location that’s somewhat near you. It could be that your ISP is routing you to a Cloudflare node/region that’s not the nearest

It show PK in loc. I have tested same API with sucuri and stackpath are result is much better and consist from same server and also get stable (best) response without any service.

So my server is responding quickly and fine its only when I am passing through CF response time is not stable and goes too high.

Is there anyone from Cloudflare who can help on this issue.

If I upgrade to business package then it can improve performance?

I am moving to other solutions. due to lake of support

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