Too much cache-ing?

My core vitals are ridiculously slow. I think I’ve got too many plugins being redundant. How do I fix this?
I have Cloudflare plugin
I have Super Page Cache for Cloudflare
I have W3 Total Cache with the Cloudflare extension.
LCP is 6.2 sec
FCP is 5.5 sec
TTFP is 4.7 sec

The majority of those metrics are more likely to be caused by the construction of your website - e.g. how much JavaScript you have, how much CSS you have & how many images / how optimised they are and how it is all constructed. There’s typically no quick fix for that… but there is one metric which indicates you’re not caching at least your page HTML, which is the “Time to First Byte” at 4.7s.

If your Time to First Byte is slow - LCP and FCP will also be slow by at least that amount.

So - I would first focus on whether / if you can cache your Wordpress HTML with Cloudflare - you can do this by using Cloudflare:

If you can do that, you should significantly reduce the TTFB and therefore LCP and FCP metrics.

Also - really worth reading up on what each of these metrics is and how you can improve them with Google’s resource here:

Lastly, you can enable Web Analytics on Cloudflare to collect real user measurements of those metrics, so you can see your performance over time as well as split by different devices, geographies etc: