Too much activity on this account - submit captcha

I wanted to register a new domain. After logging in MFA, I was going through the process and before I committed the last step to buy, I saw that my billing address was incorrect, so I cancelled. I went in to change my billing info and got the message that there is too much activity on the account -submit captcha with form. It does not let me update the information, it does not offer a captcha, and now I can’t register the domain I wanted. Seems a -little- paranoid to lock me out for one change. Since I can’t get a captcha and don’t know how long I will be locked out, it kinda leaves me hanging. Any suggestions?


HI @scott23,
This issue is currently being worked on by our engineering team. A couple of workarounds here are trying from an incognito browser or from mobile.

Thank you. Using a different browser incognito worked.

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