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Really? This issue has been reported for a minimum of SIX MONTHS now, and has repeated been claimed to “being worked on”, and yet here we are. I can’t update my billing information. If I can’t pay for my domains, they expire. If the simple act of using your service is going to cause me to lose domains because they go unpaid, then what is the point of you? Why should I use your service?

And before I get some trash answer about “the workaround is to use another browser in incognito mode”, first of all, I shouldn’t need a “workaround”, it should work properly to begin with. And second, that doesn’t work anyway. Trying six different browsers on three computers and two phones, with and without incognito, and a vpn thrown in for good measure, tells me that that doesn’t fix the issue.

We have seen some reports of this error recently and are investigating it at this time. If you could, please submit a ticket and post the ticket number here and we’ll be happy to update you there as soon as we have more information.

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