Too many uncached data!


I just saw the traffic of my web app (The domain is used 95% for existing customers - i have another domain for commercial use) and the majority of the requested are uncached!

How is this possible, having in mind that 95% of the users are existing customers? domain name:

You posted quite a while back about caching data:

If your content is primarily dynamic realtime data, Cloudflare just isn’t going to cache it. Do you have analytics on your site that shows what data is taking up the most bandwidth?

Well my web app is a GPS Tracking Software, where vehicles report their location every 60 seconds and my clients can view the route in real-time, plus full history report. The majority of the data are dynamic, however the PHP, CSS, IMG, JS etc files are updated once every month.

Yes i can see that almost 90%of the traffic is for JSON and HTML files.


JSON sounds like realtime data, and Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default. It’s also quite likely that the HTML is dynamic because your users are logging in and the HTML text will vary by user.

In both of those cases, there’s nothing Cloudflare can cache because the data is so dynamic.

Is your concern that you’re incurring costs from your host?

No actually everything works fine, i just want to make sure i get the most out of Cloudflare (and my clients too)!

I created a page rule where i cache everything with EDGE TTL a month, and i bypass the 2 php pages i have dynamic content.

Also i created workers for my JS files, so i think that it is all i can do, right?

You can try Argo Smart Routing. It might speed up data transfers, and that bandwidth will run about $25/month. At the end of the month, you can check your Argo Analytics to see if it’s helping.

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