Too many requests

Trying to change email address and CF puts up a big red bar in the bottom of the page so fast I cant remember what it said. I think it was some kind of confirmation. But NO mail ever arrived. Not to the old address and not to the new.

Now the big red bare just says Too many requests and I have NO idea how to go on.

If mail change doesn’t work (for ANY reason) it would be seriously nice with error messages that were helpful to MINIMIZE the number of attempts. If there is no obvious explanations the only thing I can try is entering my password again and that didn’t make any difference.

I think it is CRAZY that you STOP us from attempting pretty much anything if something goes wrong.

I have NO idea what to do now…

Why can’t I change email address???

The mentality of blocking us is stupid. Why not be helpful instead? This is the second time today I get blocked in trying to setup CF. CF is really great at wasting my time.

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