Too Many Redirects- website

Can anyone provide some suggestions why my website,, shows too many redirects?

I am using Mailguns SMTP with this same domain, but I didn’t think that was the issue.

Most likely because you have Flexible SSL set.

  1. Ask your host to Install the Cloudflare Origin or Let’s Encrypt certificate (using certbot)
  2. Then, log in to Cloudflare > Go to SSL > enable Full Strict SSL.

This problem will be fixed.

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As above - this happens with Flexible SSL, so you need Full SSL. I had the same issue a few days ago, and patience was also a factor if you’re waiting on DNS propagation.

As @user3996 mentioned, Strict actually. Just Full is still insecure → Why you should choose Full Strict, and only Full Strict

Thank you guys so much! Yes it was set on flexible. You guys are life savers.

Yes you were absolutely right! The Flexible SSL was my problem!! Can’t say ty enough.


I’d like to learn more about how to go Full Strict SSL. Do you have any information on how to successfully setup a CA Certificate? has instructions on generating the certificate and also instructions for the most common webservers.

Awesome! Okay