Too Many redirects or 404 Error depending on Full or Flexible

I am at a loss. I have used cloud flare before without errors but now I am at a loss. Just tried adding to cloud flare, I am a newb at this stuff so please be patient.

I keep getting a 404 error if strict full is used
Too many redirects if I use Flexible or Full.
I’ve even tried enables hsts to no success…

I know it’s something simple please help. By the way there is a wordpress website on the server if this is doing anything I do not know. Thank you in advance.

It would seem your server is not securely configured.

You best pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), contact your host to get your server working on HTTPS, and unpause Cloudflare once it loads fine on HTTPS and not before that.

And yes, you should only use Full Strict, everything else is insecure.

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That’s odd because I have other websites hosted on the same plan same server and they use https without issue. I guess I’m contact my host.

In that case you also have an insecure setup with the other domain.

And yes, assuming your server IP address ends in 183, you do have an insecure setup.

As I mentioned.

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