Too many redirects issue if cache everything option in page rules is activated

If i use cache everything option in page rules i am getting too many redirects issue. somehow it works on mobile browser (might be cached). If i change “Cache everything” to “standard” it starts working again. i have tried multiple time and immediately after i enable cache everything, the issue starts.

i have 2 page rules enabled.
One is for wp-admin (*) and other is for remaining site (*)
admin section works fine because of the 1st rule which does not have cache everything

I have used Cloudflare plugin and also Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin but it doesnt fix the issue.

Can you share the domain name?

Edit: What I suspect is happening is that your origin server sent a redirect and then because of the ‘Cache Everything’ page rule we cached it causing visitors to see redirect loops. We have seen instances where purging cache may address the issue.

Do you happen to have a HAR file where the loop is occurring? – How do I generate a HAR file?

The domain is
I have tested on another domain and it worked without redirect loop. But it caused another issue. When i open the page first when logged in to admin, the top admin bar is also cached and it is served to users(the admin section wont work, it just shows as logged in to visitors)

I’m no longer facing the issue. I didnt change anything from my side, but now when i activated “cache everything” i’m not getting the redirect loop issue.

But after activating “cache everything”, wp-admin section didnt work, even when i had the 1st rule for admin section to disable caching and performance. The error which i got was “ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress.”. I added the below line in wp-config.php and it solved the issue.

The another issue i had was admin top bar getting cached. For this i disabled the top bar totally from profile in admin section.

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