Too Many Redirects Error with domain

Too Many Redirects Error

I bought a domain from cloudflare and I am trying to redirect it to a website I built on a crappy free service (Yola), but I keep getting the error “too many redirects”.

I tried to follow some old posts, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m good at following directions, just need a little help haha

I changed my SSL/TLS to full (strict)

I made sure https rewriting was on

My domain is soldiers-of-fortune(dot)win and I’m trying to redirect it to point to plouth-sraurg-psychauw.yolasite(dot)com

You need to put https:// in front of the redirect URL plouth-sraurg-...... otherwise it is just appended to the hostname, as shown here…

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Oof! Can’t believe I missed that. Thank you! That fixed it.

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