Too many redirects - Cloudflare Worker

We had an issue with our site (hosted on azure) with an expired ssl certificate. We turned on our maintenance Cloudflare worker by adding a route. Having resolved the certificate issue we removed the route from the Cloudflare worker but we are now getting a too many redirects error. If I bypass cloudflare using a local hosts file the site load without issue.

AS a temporary solution I have removed the cloudflare proxy, so our site is currently accessible.

I’m gonna venture a guess you have set the path to either Flexible, with an HTTP to HTTPS redirect on the origin (remove the redirect, and set it to Full (Strict)) or have Full (Strict) with a HTTPS to HTTP redirect (remove the redirect).


Matteo - thanks for that I hadn’t spotted our OOH tech had changed the SSL mode :facepalm:


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