Too many redirects can't access the home page

Good morning everyone
since i moved to cloudflare, my home page and the emails are blocked, i can visit other pages within the website but not the home page.
Cloud you please help me with the issue i am having?
This is my website

Thanks a lot

just managed to fix the issue by changing the A record for the domain name from Proxied to DNS Only.

You’ll most likely have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare.

Switch that to Full Strict and you should be able to enable proxying again.


Thank you sandro.
the only issue we have at the moment is that i can’t setup my Email address on Microsoft Outlook, what do you think sandro?
can you see the link below please

Thanks a lot

apparently LeafDNS is reporting my MX mx record as “” and not “

That’s a different issue than the original one and better discussed in its own thread.

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