Too many redirects - can no longer access my wordpress admin area

I’ve been trying to migrate my site to Showit from wordpress, and ever since then I keep getting an “error too many redirects” whenever I try and login to my wordpress admin area or view my website at my domain. I have contacted my host, as well as the showit team, and they all believe the problem is stemming from where I purchased my domain which is here on cloudflare. Please help.

What’s your domain name?

If it’s proxied, set your Cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (Strict).

But note that the same domain cannot simultaneously point to your ShowIt site and your externally-hosted WordPress site: it can only point to one or the other, but not both.


Hi there! thank you so much for this! Doing that definitely made something happen, but it is leaving me with this when I try and visit my domain as well as my wordpress admin area

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