Too many redirections !? hacked?

Hi dear incredible Cloudflare fans !

A “” query shows some final IP that are not in my Cloudflare DNS

I just cant understand what happened … hacked ?

The website does not resolve and display a “too many redirections” error message

What do I have to do to repare that please ?

Thanks for your commitment — have a very nice day !

Set your encryption mode on Cloudflare to Full Strict.

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Thank you very much
It seems to be the solution
Can you tell me how do you detect that problem please ?

Thanks again ! :smiley: :smiley_cat:

My pleasure.

It’s the usual problem when someone chose an insecure mode.
Only Full Strict is secure and avoids these issues.


ok, thanks for sharing this

Have a very nice day !

Looks like this question is still not answered.

Here’s the answer.

Regarding this, it’s because your server attempts to redirect the traffic to HTTPS, but Flexible mode always connect to your server via HTTP, and it keeps on repeating… becomes redirect loop. Sandro has provided a solution to this issue.

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