Too many redirect non-www to www

Hello! In recent days, visitors to our site have been complaining that the main page of the site is not working, all other pages of the site are working stably. If you go to the main page, an endless redirect occurs (non-www to www), why does this happen? I changed the ssl full (strict) setting, but it still didn’t help. Other pages work fine.

You have 2 redirects, one from to and one from to, so you end up going round in circles. You need to remove one of them.

Check here:
…and also check for redirects on your origin server.

Thanks. I don’t have rules in the cloudflare. Why it’s happened only in home page?

Hi there,

If you don’t have any redirect rules, as @sjr said, please check for redirects configured on your origin server.

Please have a look at this from our official documentation as well:

Redirect loops could happen due to Edge certificate settings or Encryption mode misconfigurations. Pay particular attention to the last one. If you select Full (strict) as your SSL encryption mode, it will require that your origin has a valid and trusted certificate. Please check that your origin SSL certificate is valid, otherwise try with the Full mode.

I don’t have problems with http to https. I have a problem with home page non-www to www and back. I checked my original server nginx settings and disable all redirect rules, then everything goes the same way. I don’t understand how to debug this.

As a result, I found the “bulk redirects” item in the cloudflare control panel and automatic redirects were created there and I deleted them. After that, after a while everything worked!

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