Too many Page Rules killing static sites cache (12%)?

I’m seeing a dip in my caching 95% -> 12% and am trying to figure out why. I recently set up Page Rules for the first time and wonder if that could be part of it?

I have a WP multi-site with 15 subfolder sites. The sites is purely about information dispersion, its all static material. The page rule I placed for each subfolder (15 page rules!):*
Security Level: High
Cache Level: Bypass

The other two page rules I have:*
Security Level: High*
Browser Cache TTL: 3 days
Cache Level: Cache Everything
Edge Cache TTL: a month

Is there a better way for me to make sure everything gets cached, TTL is as long as possible, and my admin/login pages are protected?

wp-* is where all the large files are. I’m pretty sure that’s why your cache hit ratio took a dive.

If you want a smarter cache-everything, try using Workers. It will probably run $5-$10 per month, depending on traffic, but it will effectively give you a “Bypass Cache on Cookie” option.

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oooooooh that makes so much sense, thank you! I was stuck in my horse blinders thinking “this will bypass wp-admin, wp-login only”. I’m fairly new with WP, I appreciate your reminding me where it all is haha.

I’ve seen mentions of cache-bypass-on-cookie on these forums, I’ll look into it, thanks again!

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@sdayman - I’ll get rid of the BYPASS on wp-* for sure.

Would you say keeping a HIGH-security level on wp-* is good to protect the files? Or will that slow things down for visitors?

I usually go with Medium security. Only High if it’s a personal site for my friends to visit. I wouldn’t want heightened security to trigger for regular visitors.

If you want better security for WordPress, I suggest you use Wordfence. The free version does quite a good job.

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