Too many login attempts

I cannot reset my password, it says there are too many attempts. Any way to bypass this? Because of this, I cannot access livechat with an agent for a much larger issue. Can someone please help?

Is this for a different account than you are using here?

Yes, this is for a different account. I created this new account to try and get help since they don’t have a reliable phone contact, it instructed me to create a new account to get help, which hasn’t been helpful lol.

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I am curious, was that our phone line you called that suggested that route to get help?

Now that you have this second account, did you raise a ticket?

  • If so, can you share the number here? Can you also cc the address of the other account owner email on that ticket reply?
  • If not, please create an account ticket, mention the other email and a domain name in that account, add this link to this conversation - Too many login attempts - #3 by cloonan, cc the address of the other account owner email, and then share the ticket number here.?