Too many invalid tcp connections, Causing high CPU Load


not sure but cause of too many TCP (500+) connections CPU using 70%-90%, Server VPS with 8GB Ram and 4Cores, usual traffic 100-200max, contacted hosting support, they couldnt provide any solutions.
using Cloudlfare free account.

Can you help with that issue?

Cloudflare has no insight into what’s going on with your server. If your hosting support can’t figure it out, you should find another host.

i thought Cloudflare will block all invalid connections before hitting the server, is WAF options can help with these types of bot traffic?

What’s invalid about the connections? If they are truly malformed, or another genuine validity problem, it’s quite possible these connections are directly hitting your server’s IP address instead of going through Cloudflare.

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current connections to the apache tcp port (80 and 443). Random check on source IP shows mostly belongs to Cloudflare IP… Which means the request is coming through Cloudflare,

for your reference check the screenshot ->

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