Too many excluded-routes caused error: IPC Error

Hi, I trying to add many ip/cidr(thousands) to Cloudflare WARP’s excluded routes by running the command warp-cli add-excluded-route.

In the beginning, everything goes fine, but after adding 2000 IPs, warp-cli returns a “warp_net::ipc: Received too big ipc message length=71616” error, and from this point, many operations are failing, including commands like “warp-cli connect”, and I can’t connect to WARP network anymore.

After some googling, I found Cloudflare WARP is storing its configuration in a file “/Library/Application Support/Cloudflare/settings.json”, I’m trying to edit this config file and remove some of the excluded IPs and restart Cloudflare WARP daemon by running sudo launchctl stop com.cloudflare.1dot1dot1dot1.macos.warp.daemon, Cloudflare WARP started to work again!

And now is my Question:
What’s the limit of the excluded-routes? Is it possible to increase these limits? If yes, How?

I’m using macOS Monterey, with the latest Cloudflare WARP Beta.

I see the same errors on Linux Ubuntu Warp.
It seems we can not add more than 2000 prefix.
I hope cloudflare developers fix that problem ASAP.

Hi @dsundquist and @yassine2
Can you check this problem and increase the limitations to 5000 prefixes for example?