Too Many EDGE CDN Servers is a Problem!


I’ve connected using a ProtonVPN South African SecureCore connection. Basically it first is routed to, in this case, Sweden & then to South Africa from where I connect to your site. The routing via Sweden secures the connection but also adds latency. However each subsequent connection made shaved approx one second off the connection time to 1.9 sec (assume it was faster due to human error using a stopwatch). Even at its initial connection, your site rendered quickly from a human perspective. I thought you’d appreciate the info.


Thank you - I appreciate the analysis!

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Yes and no, the connection is only secure if the connection between Cloudflare and the origin is secure too, in which case “the routing” does not additionally secure it.


Research ProtonMail & its VPN offerings before making such a statement, please. It’s misleading. It’s essentially believing that one is better qualified in an area of expertise - that is, than the engineers at ProtonMail who initially worked as C.E.R.N. Laboratory Engineers. So I ask that you research their technical expertise, the encryption methods used both in the mail & the VPN implementations. It’s all open sourced & available on GitHub. :slightly_smiling_face:


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NOTE: while I understand you’re an Admin & expert here at Cloudflare, the two - Cloudflare & ProtonMail/VPN, while both offering fantastic solutions as well as pushing the envelope in the tech world are very dissimilar products. Here’s their GitHub link so you may take a look :

Also, I do admits that Sweden is not ideal on the privacy front relative to Switzerland and as a second choice, Iceland; however that routing via Sweden is, as of now, all that is available for South Africa.

Second EDIT: agreed on Sweden, but not the tech ProtonVPN SecureCore implements.


Most welcome, @bhagwad !


I didnt realise you were talking about a technical detail aside from Cloudflare and had the impression you were referring to the User-CF-Origin connections.

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And I, last night, realized we were engaged in miscommunication. For myself, I thought you were speaking strictly of the connection I employed for timing the site rendering. Shows how often typed words are misunderstood. :slightly_smiling_face: You’ve my apologies.

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