Too many DNS-Queries on Loadbalancer

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We started using Cloudflare with the Loadbalancer (LB) Feature.
We have 2 Pools with each one Origin-Server and Monitor which checks TCP 25.

Now we see massive more DNS-Queries billed than before at DynDNS.
At DynDNS the whole Zone had about 150’000 Queries each Month.
At Cloudflare the Billing states, that we are using about 50’000 Queries each day.
That would be a total of about 1’500’000 each month just for the LB, so roughly 10x as before with DynDNS (but for the whole Zone!)

The LB is configured for example “”.
There are about 10 CNAMEs (e.g. “”) which point to that “”.

All DNS TTLs are set to “Auto” and the LB-TTL is 5 Minutes. At DynDNS the “” also had a TTL of 5 Minutes.

Any advice why we have so much more DNS Queries at Cloudflare? I just set the TTL of all CNAMEs which point to the LB to 12 hours, but i think, that this should not change the Loadbalancer-Queries, isn’t it?

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