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I can’t get to the admin page. When I enter my passwords and click “submit” right away, I get a message asking if I’m a real person. But it’s just a text. I used to use Recaptcha, but I have switched to Turnstile a long time ago. But same problem. I don’t want it to be the same thing that makes crawlers stop working.

If I wait a moment or two, everything will be fine. But good robots might have trouble with this.

Can you help me figure out what the problem is with stopping users?

Hi there,

Looking at your firewall events, I would advise you not to user Tor to edit your admin website because it will always trigger a bad score and present the managed challenge.
If you want this changed you can however create a WAF rule to present other type of challenge.

You can also set your security level to a lower level - at your own risk - and it will be less likely to challenge visitors.

Also, for the managed challenge, make sure you have cookies and JS enabled.

Take care.

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I don’t use Tor, and WAF rules. I don’t understand why I have this momentary problem. As I said, it happens if I use one of 2: Recaptcha or Turnstile. I use wordpress plugins. I contacted the authors but they didn’t fix it. Perhaps it also depends on the programs Recaptcha or Turnstile that block robots and people.

Hi there,

I see. Sorry for the confusion here. I analyzed your WAF events and came to the wrong conclusion.

Back to the issue in hand. It seems to me you have 2 different issues there. The 1st is the page not correctly loading and the second is not being able to solve turnstyle, but the 2nd issue is most likely caused by the 1st.

I would advise you to apply this rule to your wp-admin and see if it solves the issue:

Take care.

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