Too long to activate

Why is my website taking too long to be activated on cloudfare

Hi @denilxondecristo0,

You haven’t said where it is stuck, but most likely here:

Changed my namesevers a couple hours ago but for some reason cloudflareis still informing me that they haven’t been changed and I need to change them. What should I do yet I already changed them

The tip I linked to covers that, it can take up to 24 hours, but make sure you haven’t got any of the other issues listed.

OK, thanks, gone through the link, maybe it may be a timing issue, will check after 24 hrs if it still persist

Great, it may just be timing. If you can share the domain name, someone here may be able to check to confirm if it should be working, or you can just wait and see if it activates in the next few hours. is the domain name

@denilxondecristo0 you have not spelt your name servers correctly:

🦉 $ whois | grep "Name Server"
Name Server:
Name Server:

Note the L is missing from Cloudflare. You’ll need to visit your domain registrar to correct this change, then log into the Cloudflare dashboard and click the button to re-check. Once you do this, the domain should activate.


Thanks for this, let me do that…

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