Tomcat 8443 and 522 Connection timed out

I have Tomcat and using port 8443. Whe my wesite not working, reason is:
Or start working after error, But i need wait 15 sec.

This working correctly

Firewall is disabled


I presume the /cdn-cgi/ directory could be a problem. This directory is typically reserved by Cloudflare and not tunnelled through to the origin. Try moving that file into a different directory.

Thanks Sandro
But I don’t have this file or directory. This is back from Cloudflare

Then check where Tomcat gets that file.

:slight_smile: This file not exist in my server 100%, this is from Cloudflare when i connected via https protocol

In that case make sure you have disabled all Cloudflare applications. The path would suggest it might be that.

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