Told to "Defer Parsing of Javascript" even after using Rocket Loader

Gtmetrix is still telling me to “Defer Parsing of Javascript” after I set up Rocket Loader. I’ve checked out this previous community thread and did what the Cloudflare support suggested.

First I went through and deactivated my plugins one by one and checked if any of them had any settings that would affect this issue, none do. I kept getting the warning in gtmetrix.

Then I checked the source code of my site and searched for Cloudflare. The only script that came up was this at the very bottom:

I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, and if wrong, how I’d go about fixing it.

So if it’s none of the plugins then it is perhaps my theme? There are some articles like this one suggesting I insert a piece of code into my functions.php file, but I’m concerned that may interfere with perhaps Cloudflare or my theme?

Any ideas? Thanks.

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