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Hi team

I’m trying to import aliexpress products to shopmaster online site!

And this is happening next:

Import products from aliexpress to Shopmaster are usually imported, but the shopmaster system can not import these products sync to my Woocommerce store ever wrong!

Testing here with little knowledge I have. I noticed that the error seems to occur because of cloudflrare security reason checking that does not allow shopmaster to proceed and unfortunately the error.

Ai Only by deactivating DNS Cloud can I synchronize and import podutos to store … But I need in Active Cloud!

Could someone help me analyze the error to try to normalize.

Because I have no knowledge and I do not know what to do in this case!

I’m sending print! thank you

That’s the Cloudflare CAPTCHA that’s been triggered. Check the Firewall Events Log (Firewall section of the Cloudflare dashboard) for this entry. Hopefully you can whitelist the IP address(es) of the other server. Or temporarily disable Security for the site (or just that part of the site):

Thank you!

Forgive me ignorance! And thank you for helping me … Success Your Life!

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