Today there was

Today there was a maintenance scheduled for cloudflare wich resulted in downtime. We would like to know this upfront so we can communicate this to our clients. Could you advise how we can be made aware of maintenance schedules from cloudflare??

What scheduled maintenance caused you downtime? has anything upcoming but usually it’s just a single location and traffic would be diverted elsewhere.

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Hi, Thanks for your feedback. See below … we had downtime for like 10 min from 08:50 till 09:00 UTC+2 (Belgian time)

The time shown in that notice indicates that maintenence concluded by 07:00 CEST.

Well, that is what is mentioned on the website. I can only tell you what happened to our solution and this was because of the rerouting. We had approximately a downtime of 10 min.

What makes you say that? What errors did you get / what do you mean by downtime?

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