Today suddenly prompt ' Error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned', I don't know why?

I made my some domain CNAME to 3rd-party cdn service, I have been using for nearly one year. Everything goes well until yesterday, it suddenly prompted this error ‘Error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned’, can anyone help?

May I ask what service or 3rd-party provider are you using? :thinking:

What happens when you temporary switch the proxied :orange: DNS hostname (naked domain, www…) to :grey: (DNS-only)? :thinking:

Tencent CDN Service

my domain with prefix of storage, and CNAME to designated domain by Tencent. I have been using for nearly 1 year without problem.

If I switch to DNS-only it goes fine, but I have to configure the SSL certificate by myself what is annoying me. I am happy to use the SSL certificate of Cloudflare

Does it mean you are using Flexible SSL option? :thinking:

Doesn’t Tencet offer an SSL?

Yes, I am using flexible. Tencent does offer FREE SSL Certificates, but it is free only within 50 certificates. And if CF could be used in CNAME proxied, it would provide good network penestration performance to the use in world-wide with free charge LoL. So I am keen to using PROXIED mode of CNAME with Cloudflare. But I don’t know why it prompts ERROR suddenly? Is there any help with or solutions to this scenario?

You currently have a security issue.

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