Today I woke up and domain on Cloudflare got removed from hosting

I have already contacted Hosting support but I dont think they will know whats the issue.

Today my domain dissapeared (or maybe in last night, or yesterday evening) from hosting.

What I had to do:

  1. Change on Namecheap to my hosting DNS.
  2. Add my domain in hosting panel.
  3. Change to Cloudflare DNS back on Namecheap.

Its very uncomfortable because you cant go on vacation as it might remove your site and you will not know it.
Now since I Did the above steps theres an HTTPS error which might scary a lot of visitors. It will probably dissapear in 24h on its own.

My domain connected to Cloudflare was added to my hosting for 2-4 months ago. Nobody else has access.

I suspect theres a mechanism that checks if domain is pointing to Hosting’s original DNS or if its not, performing these checks every 2-4 months, then removing the domain.

It happened to me in the past as well. Once.

Do you know what could be the issue or if my theory is right and what could I do to get rid it? For now I just think my hosting isnt compatible with Cloudflare.

Thanks a lot for any input

Some things I’ve seen happen:

  1. Domain registration expires, so it eventually gets dropped from everything.
  2. A WHOIS update changes your assigned name servers. Cloudflare eventually notices this and drops your now-unserviced domain.

Your hosting has nothing to do with this. This is strictly a connection between Cloudflare and your Domain Registry. If something changes at your registrar, Cloudflare will react to it. I don’t think it takes as long as 2-4 months – I recall it’s within a month.

I have a couple of services in place to monitor my sites:

  1. Wordfence will alert me if there’s a DNS change.
  2. Uptimerobot alerts me if my site becomes unreachable.

(The Fine Print) If you’re using Cloudflare through a Hosting Partner, then all bets are off. That’s a different mechanism which has its own quirks.

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Thanks for answer.

  1. My domain didnt expire.

Now I check and there was a change in whois. I bought whoisguard on namecheap but seems it updated just now.

Does that mean if I dont remove whoisguard (i will pay for the next years) then it wont take my domains off? Or it will perform update anyway regardless of whoisguard?

Just my theory: Enabling or Disabling Whoisguard resets your name servers. So if nothing changes, it should be ok. Again, just my theory.

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Sure but I am affrad for cases where you extend the domain for additional years. this also shows in who is…

That shouldn’t change anything. And probably won’t. Just keep an eye out as your domains renew.

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Ok thanks @sdayman
you helped a lot!

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