Today hosting change

Hello, today I changed my web hosting provider. I think I made all the required changes in cloudflare DNS zone, but I my site is still down, My new provider is awardspace. Could you help me to understand what is going on ?
Thanks in advance !

What are you seeing? You may have to “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page (then wait five minutes to take effect). Then make sure your site is up and running with HTTPS before un-pausing Cloudflare.

Hy sdayman,
I am not a professional. I’m sorry because I can’t understand. Do you mean that I have to do something in awardspace ?

Try disabling Cloudflare proxy (click on the orange cloud to make it grey)
generate free SSL certificate from your awardspace control panel
after waiting for a few mins, make the clouds orange again


Just to understand. Why I need a certificate ? When a had my site on 000webhost I haven’t. Is it something related to awardspace ?
And I can’t get a free certificate ! Is there anything I can do? I want to keep cloudflare ! Is the best !
Thanks in advance

Hi Miguel

When you changed the hosting, the certificates you had earlier stays behind so you need to generate new ones. If you can’t do it or don’t wanna do it maybe try changing your SSL/TLS encryption mode to flexible.

It’s not recommended to keep it at flexible but it should get your website online

No offence, but that’s bad advice. Flexible should never be selected as that is insecure and keeps your site on unencrypted HTTP.

None taken, I do agree with that but I recommended it just to get their website online while they figure out what to do next.

@timoteomiguel Maybe ask your hosting provider to issue a free SSL certificate for you and then you can use cloudflare again

If they want to get their site up and running, just install a certificate. Particularly with an Origin certificate this is a matter of minutes.

Most people will select Flexible and then stay with that insecure configuration simply because it seems to work.

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