To support: About CDN plan

To Support,

I am considering to use Cloudflare CDN service to replace my current provider, but it is not clear about the business plan, seems cloudflare only want you to use the enterprise plan.

  1. Can support tell me the CDN traffic limit and bandwidth difference between pro and business plan? 2. If the traffic excesses the limit, how is the price calculated?
  2. If there are spammers, scrapers and other bad bots, what kind of tools and other measures can be used to counter it? It will be redirected back to source and stop the CDN or the attack traffic will not be counted in the price?

We want to place an application on our cloud for people to download from worldwide. Thanks!

This is the Cloudflare Community, and not an official Support channel.

  1. There are no traffic limits for legitimate traffic on any of the plans. I suggest you read the Terms of Service, and pay close attention to section 2.8.

  2. The tools that come with your account won’t add to the price. You can read what’s included at (be sure to check “All Features”, and not just “Core Features”)

@sdayman Thank you very much sdayman, still hope to get an official answer because we inquired with the enterprise sales today afternoon already, they didn’t say no about hosting a download for application. But the price is too high for enterprise plan, so I am thinking about business or pro plan.

Any support team around?

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