TO prove my ownership of this domain name

Hi Support, I would like to prove my ownership of this domain name with google workspace …I was wondering if you could add the following information to prove that I own this domain name please… @GOOGLE-SITE-VERIFICATION=ZLNKEVJ467CLV-VGDBJSRYQZIE4KUWKWUZCYUR9


Thank you for asking.

From what I read and as far as I know, the posted part seems to be a Google data for a domain validation of the Google Search Console, otherwise Google Workspace.

If you’re the domain owner and using Cloudflare for your zone, I’d suggest you to add this kind of information into the TXT type of the DNS record under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dasboard for your zone following the instructions from the article below.

Otherwise, I am afraid Cloudflare cannot do it for you in the name of someone else for some other domain, if you’re not the owner of the domain name and cannot prove it.

End result should look like below example (except in the example from below I’ve had to recover the process of getting the Google Workspace domain, which is why it can be seen the google-gws-recovery-domain-verification too and one google-site-verification for Google Search Console):


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