To get ssl certificate working

my site shows status as active yet i don’t get https in there

Was your site working on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

no not on https

can u tell what should i do ,i didn’t get the message that cloudflare is now protecting your site. Did i missed any step?

You need to fix this first on your server. Your server needs to have a valid SSL certificate before you do anything else.

i came on cloudflare for getting ssl certificate so how can i get from anywhere else?

Yeah, that’s not how it works.

You can get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt for example. It’s probably best to talk to your host about that as they should provide that anyhow.

can’t i like undo all the steps and try again for getting ssl here?

Once more, you first need your server to be working on HTTPS. That should be the first step.

got it from namecheap so they definately works

You just said your domain was not working on HTTPS. Now you say it did? What is it?

i said my site doesn’t show https even after getting active status

No, you said it was not working on HTTPS. Did you not?

no i meant my site which should show shows even though my status of ssl certification is active

Once more, was your site working on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

i can’t understand

What you should do now

  • Pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right)
  • Talk to your host and fix whatever needs fixing on your server
  • Make sure your site loads fine without errors on HTTPS
  • Only once that works, unpause Cloudflare

thanks but where do i find overview screen

i just checked and i got the massage that say great news cloudflare now protecting ur site. So what should i do next?