TLS version per subdomain

Is there an option to apply a TLS version per subdomain ?
I.e. We want the to have minimum TLS 1.2 on, but keep the current minimum of TLS 1.0 on
In the settings SSL/TLSEdge certificates it seems to be a global site wide option.


I am afraid this is not yet possible :thinking:

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Thanks @fritex .
Just saw a new option called Total TLS.

Can it offer this level of granularity?

No. That’s something entirely different.

The solution here is to upgrade the clients, TLS 1.2 is not new, so any client that does not support it is an antique.

There is a way to selectively block versions of TLS in Workers, see How to bypass in specific function with TLS version 1.1 (Expert help) - #3 by cscharff


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