TLS overview 45% unsecure traffic

Relatively new to Cloudflare.
I have set it up with free account FULL strict end to end with a CA origin cert. When I look at the overview for TLS it still says 45% is unsecured traffic in last 24hrs. (image attached) My Edge Certificate settings are below.
I don’t have forced Https redirect activated on my server, only on Cloudflare
Not sure if I need a page rule? or if the 45% is normal or a problem?
Any advice/suggestions appreciated


Edge Certificates (settings)

Always Use HTTPS = ON
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) = (not yet enabled)
Minimum TLS Version = TLS 1.0(default)
Opportunistic Encryption = ON
TLS 1.3 = ON
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites = ON
Certificate Transparency Monitoring = ON
Disable Universal SSL ( Not enabled)

It’s most likely crawlers or other bots that don’t yet know your site is HTTPS-Only. In time, I expect that number to go down.


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