TLS Negotiation failed, the certificate doesn't match the host., code: 550

I have started to get an error when trying to send emails from gmail client using “Send mail as:”. I removed the account and then added again but I get the error in the title. I have checked the ports and password and I am guessing something has changed with the SSL cert However if I click on the site( padlock the cert appears to work for the site. Is there something else I need for secure email?

It used to work fine and stopped working last week.

Any help would be appreciated.


You can try checking by logging into the webmail and verify the credentials.

At the moment, I see there’s no SSL installed.


Yep webmail works fine, in fact the mail client on windows & iphone/ipad works fine, i was just trying to use the gmail app so that I could use 2 email addresses from one app, but I am guessing something has changed recently stopping it from working. I have a work around and have dropped the gmail app from all my devices and moved to the standard W11 and iPhone mail client.

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