TLS issues with Cloudflare SSL?


I am trying to submit an app on the Shopify app store. They have an SSL checker and they said I have a TLS issue. They gave me this test:

I see nothing that I can fix. Are there any TLS issues with my domain?

I have a CNAME pointing to Proxy status is DNS only.

Did they give any further information? Or did they just say you have a problem, and give you that link (which indeed shows all green checkmarks and reports no problems)?

You can also try this one, which gives an A+:

Or this one:

You’ll need to ask for clarification about what they think is wrong.


I am going to just submit a new app card. I do not see the error, when I add a new card. I will let you know what they say. Thanks for the follow up. I think the issue is the listing itself.