TLS from CloudFlare is not trusted

I’ve got a dedicated SSL and it has been installed automatically without files to be uploaded for origin server, and when I’ve tried to install TLS on the origin server and used the email service it gave me alert that it is not trusted, and at SSL checker it gave me this.
What us the solution?
Is there any recommended solution to secure the email service connection?!
As I’ve read, I have to get the Certificate Root or Intermediate to be installed in the server, is it making sense?

Are you using an Origin Certificate? Those are explicitly trusted only by Cloudflare. For the Origin, if you need to access it directly for e-mail, you are going to need to install a valid certificate from a third-party CA, be it Let’s Encrypt or one of the big old guys.

The image doesn’t work.


If I need to get SSL from 3rd party, why I’ve got a dedicated SSL from Cloudflare? … what is the difference?

The certificate from Cloudflare covers the access passing through Cloudflare. The Cloudflare to Origin or direct to Origin access is your to cover (except if you pass through them where you can use the Origin Certificate). You can use simply a Let’s Encrypt certificate, a certificate for the origin has to always be there for everything to be safe.

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