TLS and API questions

Hi! I’ve searched for a information about if it’s needed to buy a plan in order to create a custom TLS config for every separate domain and I found it’s not needed because it’s possible in every plan (nevermind it’s free or not) but the pricing for this service is $10/zone/mo. Can you tell us what is the meaning of this /zone/mo? And the next question is will it be enough to buy only the service and do our TLS configuration for every separate DNS zone we want or we need to create an API for it too? Is the API a prerequisite for this configuration? Do we need only the service for this 10$ or only API or both of them? Our idea is to use logic which can check if a subnet is contained in a list and if it’s there to let him to access or if it’s not in the list to block it’s access.

I’m wondering if we need the API and if this API can do this check about subnet when someone tries to access?

Thanks in advance!

Kristian Kiradzhiyski

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