TLS 1.0 is working on CF pages but not on the custom domain

curl.exe --tls-max 1.0 -i -v

This is working but not below

curl.exe --tls-max 1.0 -i -v

For the main domain, settings are default, and minimum tls is set to 1.0 Please suggest what can be done to resolve this. Thanks.

Pages custom domains use the Pages SSL/TLS settings, not the ones in your dashboard. This means you can’t reduce the minimum TLS version.

I’m surprised it works with TLS 1.0 on the domain. None of mine do. Is it a project created a long time ago?

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I created this 1.5 months ago probably. I changed some things somewhere in settings and tls 1.0 started working on domain, I just want TLS 1.0 to work on a custom domain.

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