TLD support .. why some and not others?

Why is .info supported but not .biz?

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Different registries.

.info is run by Afilias and .biz is run by Neustar. Cloudflare has reached an agreement with Afilias, but not Neustar. I’m sure they’ve reached out to Neustar, but they won’t announce anything until/if they reach an agreement.


So, if transferring a domain, at what point does one get notice of whether the tld is supported or not?

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Domains not supported wont be offered for a transfer in the first place.

Unless, I’m mistaken, you can’t begin a transfer until the domain is on Cloudflare. Is this not correct?

That is correct, but that is what I was referring to. Cloudflare wont offer a transfer option for TLDs they dont support.

So, one has to transfer the domain to Cloudflare first, only to find out that the tld is not supported?
Considering that it’s not mentioned anywhere prior to or during the registration process and only after the fact (DNS management transfer) this is not a proper process,

What do you mean by that? You obviously cant transfer a domain that you cant transfer.

Sorry I wasn’t clear, one must first transfer DNS management to Cloudflare before they discover that the tld is not supported for registrar transfer.

Oh, you mean you’d first have to set up the domain before starting a transfer? That is correct.

However there is a list of currently supported TLDs at

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Yes, I found it after the fact, Still seems like non-supported tlds should be flagged with a notice/warning before DNS management is transferred.

Better yet would be a search box on the domain registrar page(s) to "check for tld support. Like a Step 1 … then continue to Step 2 … DNS management transfer, possibly a similar check to see if the domain is already on Cloudflare.

Most customers on Cloudflare use CF mainly for DDOS protection and the other features, Domain management is more of an add-on for consolidating domain management down to just your CF account.

If you are not interested in other Cloudflare features like free SSL, DDOS protection, WAF, etc. you may change your nameservers back to your previous ones if you wish.

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