TLD registration and renewal prices

Where can I find the full table with the TLD registration and renewal prices? I regularly move my clients’ domains to Cloudflare Registrar, and it’s the first time I cannot find this information anymore.
Thanks in advance!

It doesn’t exist. Here are the supported TLDs, but not with prices. Here’s why:

  • Cloudflare sells domains at cost, ie at the same rate as the TLD Registries charge: they don’t add any makeup at all.
  • Registry contracts don’t allow publicly disclosing their contracted prices.

Every other Registrar adds a markup to the Registry prices, that’s why they can publish their domain prices publicly.

You can only find the prices for individual TLDs when you search for a domain (or open an existing domain) in your dashboard.


Thank you! I was hoping there would be an overview, and for some reason, I was certain it existed. I used that workaround too, but I wasn’t sure if the same price applies to new registrations and renewals. It’s where the other registrars often add a much higher markup, but I understand that with Cloudflare, the cost is the same for both cases?

Yes: registrations, renewals, transfers all cost the same.


If I may - a slight correction:

It depends on the TLD.

If you’re looking to .bid, .date, .download, .party or .win, it would be at a slightly different price for registrations and renewals.

However, if you want a .wedding, that seems to become slightly more expensive, at the price of $20.18 (20 + 0.18 ICANN fee) at the moment, which currently seems to be a consistent price, for both registrations and renewals.

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